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Category Archives: Personal Insurance

The Art of Saving

Saving money is always harder than it sounds. When I add up the amount I’ve earned at the end of the month and then look at how much money I actually have in my bank account, I always wonder, “Where did that money go?” I almost never spend a lot of money at once, and […]

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Life Insurance

Did you know that 30% of US households do not have life insurance? Maybe you’re one of those households. Maybe you don’t see the purpose behind life insurance. The first step in adding this protection is to learn what life insurance really is: What Is Life Insurance? A life insurance policy is a contract with […]

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Healthy Hugs

Worried about your personal health? Want to give it a little boost? Try hugging! It’s scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health: 9 Reasons You Need To Be Giving and Receiving Hugs Every Day Hugging helps the immune system, cures depression, reduces stress and induces sleep. It is invigorating, rejuvenating and has no unpleasant side […]

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The Disney Vacation: How Can I Afford it?

For parents with young children, a trip to Disney World or Disney Land is often considered a must. Until the parents look at the price and have a heart attack, that is. And ticket prices just went up again: Disney Ticket Prices Jump Again, Now $99 To Enter The Magic Kingdom Magic doesn’t come cheap […]

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A Money-Saving Mindset

Want to do something special with your family this summer but you just don’t think you’ll have the money? Nervous that you don’t have much saved up in case of an emergency? Or maybe you just feel like each paycheck gets whittled away and you’re not quite sure how. Saving money is an important part […]

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