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Category Archives: Health Insurance

Natural Health Tips and Tricks

It seems like there’s a pill to take for just about everything these days. Got a headache? Take ibruprofen! Can’t sleep? Take a sleeping pill! Feeling sick? Take Sudafed! And eat more vitamins (which conveniently come in pill form)! And let’s not forget those wonderful things known as diet pills… Don’t get me wrong, I’m […]

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Desk Work Causing Pain

When I first started working at a computer for multiple hours every day, I soon found myself experience much more than a crick in my neck. My neck hurt so much that I could hardly move it, and the pain shot down through my left shoulder and into my elbow. I had no idea what […]

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Summer Skin Cancer

The warm weather is finally here. Bathing suits are being purchased, beach trips planned, and the high schoolers don’t think they can handle another three weeks of classes. One look at my ghostly-pale legs gave me the urge to spend all day in the sun. But, as usual, we need to all take a minute […]

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College Grads and Traveling

Oh, the lives of recent college grads. Everyone says it’s the best time to go on an adventure, travel, see the world. You’ve no job, no ties, nothing to hold you back. If you wait too long, before you know it you’ll be tied to a desk job with no hope of ever traveling for […]

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“I Can’t Afford Healthy Food!”

I’ve finally learned that when I’m out and about I need to eat something every three hours to avoid getting a headache. My metabolism has always functioned best on multiple small meals than on three big ones. The problem with this is that I end up munching unhealthy snacks all day, particularly when I’m on-the-go. […]

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